Internet Safety

Next week is internet safety week. In preparation for this we considered which behaviours we would want to show online to others. To do this, half the class sat on chairs in a circle facing outwards and they were pretending to be at home on the internet. The other children were given a card that allocated them a behaviour. Some were positive and some were negative. These included ignoring, angry and comment on their clothes. They kept their behaviour to themselves and had 10-15 seconds to get that across to the person they were facing. They then rotated round so everybody in the chairs experienced each behaviour. We then discussed how the person on the chairs felt when these positive and negative behaviours were demonstrated. Can you guess from the images what behaviours the children are showing?

PTDC0013 PTDC0014 PTDC0015 PTDC0016 PTDC0017 PTDC0018 PTDC0019 PTDC0020 PTDC0021 PTDC0022 PTDC0023 PTDC0024 PTDC0025 PTDC0026 PTDC0027 PTDC0028

In the ICT suite we looked at several scenarios where negative behaviours had been shown and what we could do.

 PTDC0029 PTDC0030 PTDC0031 PTDC0033 PTDC0034 PTDC0035

Mr Crabtree