Maths Roadshow

Yesterday, Year 4 and Year 5 were fortunate that Tapton came in to deliver a maths roadshow. There were a vast array of practical maths challenges for the children to complete in pairs of varying degrees of difficulty.

PTDC0005 PTDC0006 PTDC0008 PTDC0009 PTDC0010 PTDC0011 PTDC0012 PTDC0013 PTDC0014 PTDC0015 PTDC0016 PTDC0017 PTDC0018 PTDC0019 PTDC0020 PTDC0021 PTDC0022 PTDC0024 PTDC0025 PTDC0026 PTDC0027 PTDC0028 PTDC0030 PTDC0031 PTDC0033 PTDC0034

Mr Crabtree